Magyar (MAHD-yar): n. Hungarian. The official language of Hungary. Like the Rubik’s cube, has 50 gazillion permutations. Synonym: mind-boggling. In Hungary when something seems impossible they say it’s “an iron ring made out of wood.” I’m convinced that the Hungarian … Continue reading

Budapest: A Primer

Recently on YouTube, I watched an old clip of the hit TV show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? during which the host asked a perky American blonde the following question: “Budapest is the capital of what European country?” … Continue reading

The Sign

In Hello, Dolly!, Dolly Levi waits for a sign to know if she should marry Horace Vandergelder.  When he announces that the shutters will be painted forest green, Dolly gets her sign. When I moved to Budapest, I didn’t need … Continue reading


The day was August 4, 2000. I was officially on my way to begin my new life in Europe. As I stood in the long security line of San Francisco Airport with my big toe sticking out of my sock, … Continue reading