The Child’s Chair

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is to visit Ecseri Piac. A junker’s paradise, Ecseri is the largest and most famous flea market in Budapest. You can find just about anything there: old teddy bears, clocks, … Continue reading

The Farsang Parade: Rated PG-13!

I’m a sucker for a parade. Give me a uniformed marching band and a row of kiddie majorettes dropping their batons on the ground and I’m a happy guy. Growing up, I used to love to get up early, turn … Continue reading


Once at school I wrote “LOVE” in giant letters on a couple of pieces of large white paper. It was the week before Valentine’s Day. “OK boys and girls,” I said to the class. “Today we’re going to decorate the … Continue reading


One day in class I handed my third graders a bunch of those little paper cards with all sorts of different colors you can pick up in paint stores. Oftentimes, these cards have fancy names written on them like ocean … Continue reading