Hungary’s Favorite Feathered Friend

After a long winter in Budapest, spring is finally in the air. The florists have set out their flats of crocuses and primroses. Women are selling pussy willows at the Metro stations. The mechanics are busy replacing winter tires. But there’s … Continue reading


“What’s that?” I asked, leaning over the school cafeteria counter at what looked like pea soup. “It’s főzelék,” a voice answered from behind me in the lunch line. I turned around. It was Monika, one of the Hungarian culture teachers at school. … Continue reading

Budapest: Europe’s Magpie

My mom loves words. When I was a kid, she’d teach me the specific names of flowers and trees and stones and colors. Once when my third-grade teacher held up a red crayon and asked the class for a synonym, … Continue reading

At the Butcher’s in Budapest!

Butcher shops in Hungary are different than those in the States. In Hungary, you can actually go to the butcher for lunch. At many butcher shops over here, you’ll see customers standing at counters eating hot, greasy sausages with mustard … Continue reading