Hollywood in Budapest!

Without question, my favorite actor of all time is Jimmy Stewart. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Rear Window, Vertigo, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Harvey. My all time favorite … Continue reading

Pretending to Be Hungarian

My dad was adopted. I don’t know anything about his heritage. There’s a big advantage to not knowing. I get to make it up. Oftentimes while traveling, if I like a place I’ll say my father has roots from there. … Continue reading

The Hungarian Clap

Applause comes in different forms. There’s the quiet golfer clap that bystanders use so as not to disturb the golfers; the string player clap that musicians make when tapping their bows on the music stands; the airline clap made by … Continue reading


I have a student who is a very good writer. Recently, her mother came to me and asked what she could do to encourage her daughter’s talent. “Teach her to notice,” I said. The mom looked surprised. I think she … Continue reading