Photo Friday: Paris in Budapest!

I love all things French – the food, wine, language, countryside, and of course Paris. At least once a year, I try to visit. If I can’t make the trip, fortunately I can find Paris right here in my own … Continue reading

Wednesday Walk: A Castle in the Capital

Since I began writing this blog, many people soon to be visiting Budapest have written to me with their questions: Where should I stay? What are the must sees? Where can I buy wine? (I get that question a lot.) … Continue reading

Budapest: Ready for its Close-Up!

The other day I was watching the classic 50s film Sunset Boulevard in which William Holden finds himself at the Beverly Hills home of former silent screen star Norma Desmond. Her grand mansion, in need of much repair, is a shadow … Continue reading

Photo Friday: Budapest-City of Statues

I remember the first time I saw a picture of the Statue of Liberty, I was shocked. “It’s green!” I cried. No one had told me. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly didn’t think her face … Continue reading

Lomtalanítás – Better than Christmas!

I must be part pirate. Nothing gets my heart a pumpin’ more than searching through an antique store, flea market, or garage sale for a treasure. Hungarians don’t have garage sales (the idea of strangers buying things out of driveways … Continue reading

Ugly Cookies: Out of the Mouths of Hungarian Children

My friend Piroska is Hungarian-American. Born in the States, she moved to Hungary in 1980 where she became friends with some other young moms. Their kids played together, often at Piroska’s house. One year, Piroska decided to make recipe books … Continue reading

Photo Friday: Old Budapest

I love old. I am drawn to turn-of-the-century buildings, crackled canvases, wrinkled faces. Whenever I see faded black and white photos of a city, I want to jump into them like Dick Van Dyke hopped into his chalk drawings with … Continue reading

Kids’ Top Reasons Why They Love Mom!

This week for Mother’s Day, I asked my third graders to write their top ten reasons why they love Mom. The kids wrote the lists in their best cursive, colored them with neon markers, and plastered them with stickers that … Continue reading

The Lilacs of Budapest

If I weren’t a teacher, I would have been a florist. Back in California, I often made my friends floral wreaths for Christmas and birthdays. I never bought my flowers. I had my sources. One neighbor lady let me cut … Continue reading

Black and White in Budapest

As an expatriate, I am constantly experiencing We’re-Not-in-Kansas-Anymore moments, and this morning was no exception. Driving to work, I noticed hundreds of teenagers on their way to school dressed in black and white. I didn’t understand why. When I arrived … Continue reading