We missed you! Here’s a gift. It will kill you.

Last week I was standing in the Budapest airport gift shop waiting to board my plane when I overheard a man and woman talking about what to buy their friend. The man picked up a nice bottle of wine, and the … Continue reading

Hungarian Souvenirs: What my friends will NOT be getting this summer!

For the past ten summers when I’ve flown home to California for a holiday, I’ve loaded my suitcase with all sorts of souvenirs from Hungary: chess sets, bottle openers, T-shirts, dolls, key chains, piggy banks. After ten years of carting … Continue reading

Erős Pista!

Hungarians love hot peppers. More than once I’ve bitten into a seemingly harmless tiny pepper (called paprika here) only to feel like the fire swallower at the circus who forgot to turn the gas off before sliding a torch down … Continue reading

Photo Friday: The Flood-Before & After

The Danube is back open for business!  The sandbags are gone, the camera crews have packed up, and the cruise boats are once again sailing under the bridges. Save for some debris along the banks, you’d never know that just a … Continue reading

Now in Budapest – One of the Largest Ferris Wheels in Europe!

There are certain things I believe that all children should experience. All kids should run through sprinklers, suck on popsicles, cannonball into pools, and spit watermelon seeds. They should all splash in puddles, run away from waves on a beach, … Continue reading

Photo Friday: Budapest’s Elephant House

Recently I discovered that there is actually an old Hollywood movie called Zoo in Budapest. Released in 1933, the film is about a young man and girl who hide in the Budapest Zoo. Eventually, they get caught in the bear cave … Continue reading

Have I Taught Them?

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I know my third graders will forget how to multiply over the summer. I know they will forget the difference between an adverb and an adjective, how to spell spaghetti, and when the … Continue reading

The Danube: To the Top. No Room For Cream!

The mighty Danube has long been called the dustless highway. Well, I don’t know about dustless, but I do know that it is WAY HIGH! Today when I checked out the water level, it reminded me of when you fill … Continue reading

Photo Friday: The Danube Flood in Budapest!

This week in Budapest, all eyes are on the rising Danube. The roads along the river are covered with water. Boats can’t fit under the bridges. Margaret Island has been evacuated. And the water level still hasn’t reached its peak. Last … Continue reading

Wednesday Walk in Budapest: City Park

Whenever friends come to visit me in Budapest, I always tell them that they’re going to get a sore neck. So much of Budapest’s beauty is above eye level that you spend a lot of time looking up. One of … Continue reading