Hungarian Show & Tell: Can You Guess?

When I was in third grade, I lived for Friday Show & Tell. On Thursday evenings, I’d scour the house for just the right object to share with my classmates the next day at school. Sometimes I’d stretch the truth. … Continue reading

Photo Friday: The Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World!

If you’ve ever seen the film Hello Dolly! no doubt you probably remember the sumptuous restaurant where Barbra Streisand descends the velveted staircase while waiters sing the title song on their knees. Well, I’d swear that the film’s set designers … Continue reading

1001 Back to School Nights

In the next couple of weeks, millions of parents around the world will walk into their children’s classrooms for Back to School Night, sit in their kids’ seats, and open the desks that their children cleaned earlier that day. What … Continue reading

Why We Teach: A Tribute to Teachers

Last week we had the first day of school. I like the first day. My students’ nametags aren’t torn yet. Their desktops aren’t crusted with Elmer’s glue. The bristles on the paint brushes aren’t stiff, and the pencils in the … Continue reading

Photo Friday: The Avenue of Hungarian Flavors!

Hungarians are huge fans of food. To see just how much they love to fill their tummies, visit a food festival in Hungary. The lines at the stalls look like ones you’d see for new rides at Disneyland. The enormous … Continue reading

Budapest’s Fabulous Festival of Folk Arts…and Faces!

Yesterday, I visited Budapest’s annual Festival of Folk Arts at the Royal Palace where over 500 traditional craftsmen and women showcased their skills and wares. I wouldn’t miss this festival! While most visitors walk around admiring the folk art and … Continue reading

St. Stephen’s Day: The Holy Crown Gets Some Competition!

August 20 is a huge holiday in Hungary! It’s St. Stephen’s Day. St. Stephen was Hungary’s most famous king. All over the country, Hungarians celebrate with parties, parades, flags, and fireworks. The closest day we have in the States is … Continue reading

Budapest’s Lady Under the Bridge

One of my favorite fairy tales has always been The Three Billy Goats Gruff. As a kid, I read it hundreds of times. In my own family there are three brothers, just like the goats. My favorite character in the … Continue reading

Salzburg: Searching for the Von Trapps!

The last week of my summer holiday, a couple of friends and I drove to Salzburg, Austria. Forget visiting the house of Mozart’s birth. I wanted to see where The Sound of Music was filmed! From the moment I first … Continue reading

Summer’s Roadside Stands

I have new grandparents. They don’t know it, but I’ve adopted them. Last week, when my friends and I drove through the Croatian countryside on holiday, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand. As we stepped out of the car, … Continue reading