Kürtőskalács: One of the Many Reasons I Love Hungary!

Whenever people ask me what I miss most from the States, I always have three answers: big parking lots, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Target. If I ever move back to California, there’s a lot I’d miss about Hungary, too: … Continue reading

A Little Hungarian History: Szabadság Tér

One of the things I like most about living in Budapest is that every inch of it is seeping with history. Freedom Square, also known as Liberty Square, is no exception. Called Szabadság tér in Hungarian, the square sits on what were … Continue reading

Budapest’s Opera House: The Jewel of Hungary

Without a doubt, my favorite building in Budapest is the Royal State Opera House. Built in 1887, this sumputous, velvet-lined music box in the heart of the capital has survived wars, revolutions, and uprisings. Unlike many other opera houses in Europe, … Continue reading

Photo Friday: The Oldest Metro on the Continent!

Most people rush out of underground railways to get to the street above. Not I. When I’m heading toward the M1 in Budapest, I can’t wait to go down below! Opened in 1896, Budapest’s famed Metro 1 is the oldest … Continue reading

Wednesday Walk: The Danube Promenade!

Promenade. I love the word. It sounds so much classier than plain old walk. And for some reason I can’t say it without sounding like Maurice Chevalier. Budapest boasts a promenade that’s world-famous. Located on the Pest side along the … Continue reading

Welcoming Fall: A Grape Harvest in Villány!

When I moved to Budapest, one of the biggest surprises was learning that Hungary produces wine – and excellent wine at that! Who knew? It made sense that I hadn’t heard about it. Only about 20% of Hungarian wine is … Continue reading

Photo Friday: Balaton -The Hungarian Sea

When I was a kid, my dentist had a wall covered with an enormous poster of a boat-filled harbor and a beautiful sunset. Growing up, I’d sit in the dentist chair getting my cavities filled (I ate a lot of … Continue reading

Budapest’s Fabulous Festival of Wine

Last weekend, I visited the 22nd annual Budapest Wine Festival up in the Castle District. With over a hundred different vintners from all over Hungary, it’s the biggest wine event of the year. I go as much for the food … Continue reading

Andrássy: The Most Beautiful Street in Town!

I’m a throwback. I prefer classic films to new ones, older buildings to modern, Beethoven to Bieber. If I could pick another time to live, it would be the 19th Century. I want to wear a top hat. Fortunately, in … Continue reading

Wednesday Walk: Budapest’s Margaret Bridge

Each new school year, I ask my third graders what their favorite bridge is in Budapest. Everyone who lives here has one. The kids’ answers are always the same: the Chain Bridge with its lions, the sleek Elizabeth Bridge, the … Continue reading