Vecsési Kaposzta (Sauerkraut from Vecsés)

The other day I was playing a game with some Hungarian friends where someone called out a word, and you had to say the first thing that came to mind. The caller said sauerkraut and immediately three Hungarians shouted Vecsés!  Hungarians … Continue reading

Gerbeaud Slices (Zserbószelet)

There are certain Hungarian foods that I can’t stop eating, and Zserbószelet (Gerbeaud slices) is one of them. This popular Hungarian sweet created by the famous Gerbeaud Cukrászda (confectionery) over 100 years ago is layered with jam, crushed nuts, and apple then … Continue reading

Donut Season in Hungary!

My last name (Done: rhymes with phone) is often mispronounced. I’m used to people calling me Phil Done (Dunn). Sometimes it’s Phil Dorn. The kids at school like to call me Mr. Donut. It’s fun having a donut as a … Continue reading