Birth Announcement: Budapest’s New M4!

This weekend marked the opening of Budapest’s long awaited Metro Line 4. Known as the green line, the M4 stretches 7.4 kilometers and has ten stations. One of the largest construction projects in Central Europe, it connects southwest Budapest (Kelenföld … Continue reading

Like to Talk on the Phone? Thank a Hungarian!

Like to talk on the phone? Thank a Hungarian. In the latter part of the 1800s, after moving to the United States to become a gold miner, Hungarian Tivadar Puskás was working on his idea for a telegraph exchange when Alexander … Continue reading

The Hungarian Fourth of July!

This morning when I turned on my computer, I was met with a pleasant surprise. On the Google homepage, “Google” was spelled out with a red, white, and green ribbon — the colors of the Hungarian flag! Why? Today commemorates … Continue reading