Tokaji: More Than Just a Nice Wine!

“Vinum regum, rex vinorum!” The wine of kings, the king of wines. That was the name given to Hungary’s famous Tokaji Aszú wine by Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, when he first tasted it. Recently, I took my first … Continue reading

Kettle Cooking!

This week, when I walked into the supermarket, the shelves were already full of summer: coolers and barbecues, sand toys and flip-flops. But there’s one summer item over here that you won’t find in the seasonal aisle in the States: … Continue reading

The Lilacs of Budapest!

If I weren’t a teacher, I would have been a florist. Back in California, I often made my friends floral wreaths for Christmas and birthdays. I never bought my flowers. I had my sources. One neighbor lady let me cut … Continue reading