Those Corny Hungarians! :o)

“I’m as corny as Kansas in August!” Such go Oscar Hammerstein’s famous lyrics from the classic American musical South Pacific. Well, those words might just as well be in the Hungarian national anthem! Tweet

A Remarkable Find Right Here in Budapest!

I’ve always been a good “finder.” When I was about 7 or 8, my mom would sometimes misplace her car keys then offer me a quarter if I could find them. Realizing that I could make some easy money, I … Continue reading

Budapest in 1938! You MUST Watch This!

This evening, I was noodling around on the Internet when I came across a beautiful color Travel Talk newsreel of Budapest in 1938! As soon as I finished watching it, I started typing this post. I had to share! If you … Continue reading

My Favorite Bucket in Budapest!

I know the photograph of the bucket is blurry. That’s because I took it as quickly as possible inside a room filled with steam. And my hands were shaking nervously when I snapped it.  If I’d been caught, I would have … Continue reading