Margaret Island: The Best of Budapest!

City guidebooks will often describe the best landmarks, restaurants, views, and food, but rarely will they tell you about the smaller bests – like the best park bench, balcony, or cobbled street. I wish they would. To me, bests you have to hunt for a little bit are so much more intriguing. Today I’m going to pick up where the guidebooks leave off and share one of my town’s oft overlooked treasures – its trees.

There’s one place in the capital where the tree trunks are unmatched, and that’s Margaret Island, an oasis smack dab in the center of the Danube. And right now, when the fall colors are at their peak, is the time to go see them. If you live in Budapest, I’d highly recommend a trip out to Margaret Island soon. If you don’t live here, I’m sending along some recent photos of one of Budapest’s Bests. Happy Fall, Everyone!


9 thoughts on “Margaret Island: The Best of Budapest!

  1. I had a very pleasurable day on the island this summer watching Vizsla play. I wasn’t well and couldn’t walk far but we hired one of the little battery cars to drive around the island, it was great fun.

    Talking of lesser known Budapest activities, I absolutely loved the Hospital in the Rock tour, it’s so unique and interesting.

    • Hi Bella,
      The ruins are the remainder of a medieval chloister. Having lost the main battle in 1242, the Hungarian king offered his newborn daughter, Margit/Margaret to god. Later she spent all her life in the island in this chloister, now named after her.

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