All Saint’s Day: The Statues of Kerepesi

In Hungary, November 1 is a national holiday. It is All Saint’s Day, or Mindenszentek Napja, a day to honor those who have passed away. The week before All Saint’s Day, many Hungarians visit the cemeteries to clean the graves of deceased family members, light candles, and leave flowers. I wish in America we celebrated Mindenszentek Napja the way Hungarians do. It’s a day of respect, honor, and reflection. For today’s Wednesday Walk, I will take you to Kerepsi Cemetery, the most famous cemetery in Budapest and one of the oldest  in Hungary. A peaceful oasis in the heart of the capital, it’s no wonder Kerepesi is known as one of the most beautiful statuary parks in all of Europe. 























16 thoughts on “All Saint’s Day: The Statues of Kerepesi

  1. Thanks for showing the world that there is more to this beautiful observation than the silliness precluding it on Halloween. As usual, your pictures are fantastic, thanks again.

  2. Catholics, in the States anyway, commemorate their deceased family and friends on November 2nd, All Souls Day. We clean up the areas around their graves, place winter floral decorations and pray for them. It’s a day of respect and remembering. The statues you showed in today’s blog show the joy as well as the sorrow of death. Thanks again for showing me yet another glimpse of my ancestral traditions and beautiful Budapest!

  3. Hope no offence is taken, but unfortunately American Hallowen habits (costumes, treats, hallowen lamps etc.) are creeping into this holiday in Hungary (like Valentine’s Day did years ago), spoiling its atmosphere…not in the cemeteries, but in home decorations, etc. Here in Hungary this day is not about this!

  4. Dear Phil,

    Thank you for showing our beautiful graveyard to your readers. I first visited the place two years ago, and I’ve been back several times since then. I have to agree that it has some of the most stunning statues in the entire world, when it comes to cemeteries anyway. I took hundreds of photos there and I will keep going back, because for a photographer the place is a treasure chest!
    If you come back to Budapest, I suggest you visit the Farkasrét Graveyard, also. It’s situated on the Buda side, and it’s more maze-like than Kerepes Cemetery, but with patience you will come across absolutely mindblowing stone statues.

  5. The most beautiful and impressive cemetery in Europe! Always worth a visit – above all around 1 November…Thank you Phil for this post!

  6. The statues are perfectly showing the pain we all feel after the lost of the loved ones. The frozen moment of sorrow comes alive just looking at this photos. The way how the mother hugs her child, or the boys leaning to the headstone tell us all. So all the others. Thanks.

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