Beautifying Budapest: One Surface at a Time!

Recently, I asked my third graders what they would do if they were in charge of the world. One said he’d make homework illegal. A second stated that he’d make soccer a subject in school. Another proclaimed he’d cancel bedtime. If I were in charge of the world, I know exacty what I would do. I’d get rid of all spray paint. Sadly, Budapest, like many big cities, has a tagging problem. Some people seem to be able to ignore it, but I can’t. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. Fortuntately, the problem is better than it used to be thanks to an organization that is committed to beautifying Budapest.

P1020624Since 2004, Szeretem Budapestet (I Love Budapest) has cleaned over 4500 surfaces in the city. Recently, I took some students to a giant clean-up of Gellért Hill. As we tore leaflets off poles, scrubbed statues, and repainted fences, I asked József Moravcsik, one of the leaders of Szeretem Budapestet, some questions. Enjoy my interview with Visit Budapest Travel here.





For more information about Szeretem Budapestet (in Hungarian), visit their website at, and let’s keep Budapest Beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Beautifying Budapest: One Surface at a Time!

  1. Phillip this is just wonderful! I had no idea this type of clean up was done in any city! I love knowing a group of wonderful people are keeping the city I love graffiti free! Thanks for your blog and also for the interview with Jozsef!

  2. I am with you, such pretty town and the beautiful buildings, I would find anyone who does graffiti in Budapest for sure! Love it when the Hungarian youth comes to New York and say ” I am so upset because it is so dirty”, we are so upset because on all the pics you don’t really see graffiti in Hungary!!!! Iren

  3. One thing that surprised me when I visited Budapest was the tagging on historical buildings. I’m glad to see that there are organizations there trying to stem the tide.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I often comment to my husband how sad that someone would vandalize such beautiful buildings so full of history. Thanks for caring and helping students understand the value of these buildings and also to respect history as well as things that others have worked so hard to maintain. I have lived in Budapest less than a year but have come to love and respect the people here. Thank you for helping us learn more about the city and culture through a fellow American’s eyes. God bless you!

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