Somlói Galuska: Hungary’s Favorite Dessert!

I have been to a local buffet here in Budapest three times, and each time I visited the dessert table, I had the same experience. They were out of Somlói Galuska! This decadent dessert with a jelly roll base is drenched in rum, covered with custard, swimming in chocolate, topped with apricot jam, sprinkled with cocoa, and capped with mountains of whipped cream. The first time I tried Somlói Galuska, my taste buds went into cardiac arrest. 

P1080715Recently, our cafeteria had Hungarian Day and served all things Hungarian. On the menu was Somlói Galuska. I arrived in the cafeteria halfway through the lunch hour. When I got to the front of the lunch line and asked for some Somlói, the cafeteria man said, “Sorry, we ran out.” Figures.



11 thoughts on “Somlói Galuska: Hungary’s Favorite Dessert!

    • én tudom a jó receptet , nem nehéz megcsinálni :) szoktuk mi is a vendégnek adni. A német is szereti , de nincs beájulva tőle

      • Just love your description of this desert. Can you share the recipe with me… I am of Hungarian birth and love good Hungarian food.

  1. Hungarian desserts can be very sweet. Over time I have lost interest in them. I guess I am getting older and my tastes seem to parallel what my Hungarian mother in law once said:

    When she was young, and went out to eat, she really enjoyed a good dessert after dinner.

    When she was middle aged, she really enjoyed a good after dinner coffee.

    Now, after she goes out to eat, she just wants to get home and brush her teeth….

    • On the contrary, Hungarian desserts are never as sweet as American ones are. I can eat 2-3 slices of Hungarian dessert to one slice of American cake.

      • It is true that some Hungarian desserts, such as those made with cheese, are not really sweet, but the dessert described in this post is a sweet dessert, not a cheese dessert (or similar non-sweet dessert). Comparing cakes as a class, those I have had in Hungary, as a general rule, seem sweeter to me than those I have had in the US.

        • I’m sorry to say but I feel that the Americans only know two flavors: salty or sweet and they use both in excess. I respectfully disagree with you, Hungarian desserts are not overly sweet, perhaps because other flavors can also be detected in them, other than sweet.

      • Mother loved to prepare cakes and wonderful desserts. Yet, seldom did we find it to be very sweet… only perhaps more flavorful then American desserts, rich in chocolate, nuts and or served with whipping cream.
        Oh, how I miss her… she could whip up a meal and dessert in no time and serve it with a smile and LOVE in her eyes.

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