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“What’s this? I asked as I sat down in the staff room my first December in Budapest. In the center of the table rested a bowl of candies twisted in shiny red, blue, green, and gold paper. “Szaloncukor,” my Hungarian friend Monika replied.  She picked up a piece and explained that szaloncukor are goo-filled chocolate covered sweets wrapped in colorful foil. Their centers come in a variety of flavors. “It would be hard to find a Christmas tree in Hungary without them,” another Hungarian friend piped in. “If you want to know how important szaloncukor is to Hungarians,” Monika added, “just imagine your Halloween without any candy.”

P1080754My Hungarian colleagues say that come December they mail bags of it to friends and relatives outside of Hungary who write, “Send Szaloncukor!” It’s hard to get outside of the country. This December, I won’t be mailing any of these Hungarian treats stateside, but I am sending along some szaloncukor photos to welcome in the season. Happy Holidays from Hungary, everyone!

If you’re a szaloncukor fan like me, what’s your favorite filling? And if you have a favorite szaloncukor memory, please share.










26 thoughts on “Send Szaloncukor!#@!

  1. It’s funny but nowadays the best szaloncukor comes from Milka, a giant foreign company that probably only produces it for this single market. I like all of theirs, black forest is quite good, but my favorite is marzipan. When I was younger I liked the one with jelly. I usually “tested” a szaloncukor if it’s the jelly type or not by pushing it between my fingers, still wrapped. If it was hard, I didn’t take it.

  2. It is also common to see Christmas trees with EMPTY szaloncukor wrappings on it. Children (and young-spirited people) like to eat the candies, carefully leaving the empty wrappings on the tree.

  3. My favourite one is definitely with nougat :) And I can agree, the Milka makes the best szaloncukor which is a little bit weird..

    I had a funny story.. When I was a child I always ate the szaloncukor from the tree and dropped the foil behind the couch, because it was forbidden eating Szaloncukor from the tree :) Anyway, my mother cleaned it after christmas! :D

  4. I remember the old days, me and my cousins attacked the Christmas Tree from under the bed, and left all the wrapping look like unbroken. The next day, at the “official” opening of the Chrismas, the Tree was empty. Only empty papers was hanging all over the tree. We, on that day had other important things to do, and finally we had to face the family, and admit the raid.

  5. I loved szalon cukor on our hungarian Christmas tree! Everbody was guilty for playing the ‘wrap it back up and have a giggle’ game:-) my favourites (we are talking 80′s were: the jelly and coconut ones. Nowadays they must make lots more flavours, and your post may have just caused me to try and negotiate a ‘send szalon cukor’ appeal to my hungarian friends and family! :-)

  6. My favorite is the marzipan too. Didn’t know they have coconut but I love to try it. Thank you for turning on my taste buds again .

  7. My favorite is the marzipan too. Didn’t know they have coconut but I love to try it. Thank you for remaining us of a childhood favorite and getting us in the Christmas mood

  8. I like all style Szaloncukor! I make designer hungarian Christmas candy from paper and textile. And I would like to introduce this traditional sweety all over the world; what does it mean: “Szaloncukor”

  9. We had a budding Hungarian community in the early eighties in Seattle, WA. In those days it was still communism in Hungary. We wanted to decorate a Hungarian Christmas tree at the Museum of History and Industry, along with many other nation’s trees. We, the organizers sent SOS to the local Hungarians for szalon cukor and people shared their carefully guarded szalon cukor with us, the ones they used and re-used year after year on their own trees. We were able to decorate a beautiful Hungarian tree with szalon cukor and other ornaments, reminding us of our homeland. Under the tree we placed Hungarian dolls, dressed in folk costumes. One of the local TV station showed our lovely display on the evening news! This was one of the milestones that made the Hungarians of the Seattle area visible to the general population.

  10. My grandmother told us stories about Christmas times in her childhood. We still have some hundred-year old decorations. They are very pretty. She said they used to do their own Szaloncukor at home one by one in different flavours. They even prepared the shiny paper wrappings outside and the white wrappings with little cuttings at the end. It was one very special part of the preparation.

  11. I was kid in years 60-s wasent a lot of sort szaloncukor, only 2, white with silver color, sugerfondan, nature, end gold with white, the seem fondan in chokolate. only later came moor color en taest. I live now in belgium, but de Christmas stay for me, szaloncukor end orange smell, then eester, the smookt ham, eggs end horseradish, end also orange, cose in that time ,only these 2 times per year you ken by orange. ;D

  12. Christmas tree without szaloncukor is not a Christmas tree. When I see the Christmas trees anywhere and doesn’t matter how beautiful the decorations on it, Its always feel empty, something missing without the szaloncukor.

  13. I prefer the jelly ones beacuse even cheaper jelly szaloncukor brands taste fine. Other flavours in cheaper brands may taste strange or bad. I like Bonbonetti szaloncukor, which is not too cheap and not too expensive. I’d love to have Milka szaloncukor but it is too expensive for me… at least how much I would like to buy from it. Nowadays it is more and more popular to make your own szaloncukor at home. Maybe I’ll try it this winter.

  14. My favorite is the one called “konzum szaloncukor”. There were a bunch of them, when i was a kid, but nowadays it is really hard to find. Maybe you should try it once, it is a bit different from the regular ones, but worth a try.

  15. Here in the US, this company sells szaloncukor. I order mine every year from them. Great selection, very good prices compared to the rest of the companies that sell Christmas candy.

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