Photo Friday: Budapest’s Christmas Market!

There’s nothing like a European Christmas Market to put you into the holiday spirit, and this week Budapest’s famed Christmas Market opened at Vörösmarty tér. Here, nestled under pompoms of lights and the branches of a giant Christmas tree, rows of wooden stalls offer traditional Hungarian foods and crafts. This afternoon, I visited the market for some sausage, roasted chestnuts, kürtőskalács, and forralt bor. As soon as I finish typing this post, I’m going to rush back. There’s only one thing better than a trip to the Christmas Market. Two trips! Happy Holidays from Budapest!







6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Budapest’s Christmas Market!

  1. Nice photos! Thank you! I think, though, that you should visit some other Christmas markets too. Every of them is different but similar in the same time.

  2. Your blog is irresistible. I grew up in Hungary and I don’t think, I really have seen Budapest the way you do. A wonderful blog indeed.

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