Wednesday Walk — The Liberation Monument

Budapest is a city of statues, and one of my favorites is the Liberation Monument, known as Felszabadulási Emlékmu. (Try saying that five times fast!) Standing 14 meters high atop Gellért Hill with her hands stretched upwards, she looks like she’s about to jump off the high dive into the Danube. The monument, designed by Hungarian sculptor Zsigmond Kisfaludi Stróbl, was originally intended to honor the memory of a Hungarian regent’s son who disappeared on the eastern front. In 1945, however, the statue was spotted in the sculptor’s workshop and reassigned to commemorate the liberation of Budapest by the Russian army. The arrival of the Russians was a liberation, but it also marked the beginning of Soviet rule. After the fall of communism, two figures of Russian soldiers that had originally bookended the monument were removed.




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Walk — The Liberation Monument

  1. If you keep walking up around that hill to the other side where that huge gym is (I think it’s a gym) you will find the most charming statue (if you don’t already know about it). It was my goal to find it while I visited in March. None of my Hungarian friends knew where it was but we found it. It is a king and a queen standing over Budapest with the Danube between them. I was so happy I found it and my Hungarian friend now jogs up there and as a mini tribute to our friendship will tap the queen as she jogs by. It’s not a big huge statue, maybe that is why it is so overlooked. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I miss this place so much and long to be there myself.

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