My Favorite Bucket in Budapest!

I know the photograph of the bucket is blurry. That’s because I took it as quickly as possible inside a room filled with steam. And my hands were shaking nervously when I snapped it.  If I’d been caught, I would have been thrown out on my bare behind!

bucket2The photo was taken inside Budapest’s Rudas Baths, one of the capital’s famous spas. Rudas is known for its pools, saunas, and steamy atmosphere, all of which I enjoy. But that’s not the only reason I visit. I go to Rudas to stand under my favorite wooden bucket, pull the heavy rope, and scream when an avalanche of ice cold water splashes on my head. And I’m not alone. All day long, men line up by this popular big boy toy to pull the rope and scream.

The Internet is full of beautiful shots of Rudas’s architecture, lights, and waterfalls, but few exist of my favorite bucket. And I wanted you to see it. So, last week when I was visiting, after changing into my Tarzan-like loin cloth (which barely covers anything!), I hid my camera under a towel, walked nonchalantly past the many signs shouting “No cameras!” to the little alcove with the bucket, waited till the coast was clear, then snapped this photo. I was so proud of myself!

I just hope that no one from the Rudas management reads this blog, or the next time I visit I’ll be kicked out onto the street in my Tarzan costume. But, looking on the bright side, if that happens — I’ll have a great new blog post to write about!


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