Budapest in 1938! You MUST Watch This!

This evening, I was noodling around on the Internet when I came across a beautiful color Travel Talk newsreel of Budapest in 1938! As soon as I finished watching it, I started typing this post. I had to share! If you love Hungarian history, you too will be completely captivated. Click here to see it, and please let me know what you think! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Budapest in 1938! You MUST Watch This!

  1. I so enjoyed this. However, Budapest should be visited, savoured, and experienced. Once visited, she kindles the desire to return for yet another visit!

  2. What an elegant & sophisticated city. I cannot wait to return. My Hungarian parents would have been 15 & 5 years old when this film was made…

  3. Nice video! I assume that most of the buildings profiled in it were destroyed in the battle of Budapest in 1944-45 (the date is from “The Panzers’ Last Stand,” a deeply flawed yet interesting history by the sincere Philippe Guillemont, who, I suspect, was not given the proper resources with which to produce a book meeting his own high standards). Looking forward to reading more of your posts. It’s the least I can do for someone who decided that civilization had crashed and thus it was time to get out of town when Tori Spelling became the Emily Post of California. Don

  4. Not just a pretty city! Watching this video made me think (again) of the question: how many of those Hungarians living in 1938 wanted a world war? how many of them understood what that war was for? I believe it was only a few politicians. Yet, most of them got away with it, and our innocent grandparents, innocent parents, ourselves and God knows how many future Hungarian generations have been-will be punished for the Hungarian-Naci koalition during the war. The tragedy of the 2nd WW is not over yet. it continues in Hungarian souls…

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