A Remarkable Find Right Here in Budapest!

I’ve always been a good “finder.” When I was about 7 or 8, my mom would sometimes misplace her car keys then offer me a quarter if I could find them. Realizing that I could make some easy money, I started hiding her keys then “discovering” them. Unfortunately, Mom caught on pretty fast and stopped paying. But that was all right. I started hiding her lipstick instead and was back in business.Mozart

Well, not too long ago, a discovery was made here in Budapest that knocked my little finders’ socks off. One day, Balázs Mikusi, head of the Hungarian National Széchenyi Library’s music collection, was flipping through a folder of unidentified music scores in Budapest’s national library when he discovered four pages of the original score of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A major, one of his best known works. The score was believed to have been lost.

When I first read the story, I got the tingles! What a find! I’d love to go see the score. But if do, I won’t tell my mom I’m going. She might call up the library and tell them about my history with car keys and lipstick, and I wouldn’t want that. Then they wouldn’t let me near it!

One thought on “A Remarkable Find Right Here in Budapest!

  1. Your sense of humor is priceless!
    By the way, I am sending you soon my comments about your book.
    I enjoyed it so much and you deserve an echo.

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