Kids’ Christmas Concerts

Last week, the younger children at our school performed in their annual winter program. I get choked up at Christmas concerts. Seeing kids in little sport coats and new party dresses and clip-on ties and white tights and green turtlenecks and red vests and Santy Claus hats always gets me.

There is something truly magical about watching hundreds of little ones standing on risers and searching for their moms and dads while singing Christmas carols in dress-up clothes images-5to a full auditorium in December.

Every year, it’s always the same. The youngest kids wave to their parents instead of singing the lyrics. The music teachers sweat. The beaming parents hold their hands up in the air, recording every minute on their iPhones and iPads. And I stand in the back and wipe my eyes at the magic.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Kids’ Christmas Concerts

  1. Hi Phil,
    Menybol az Angyal is my all time favorite too, like Diane’s. We always sang it before opening our presents.
    I will not be singing it this year, sadly my mom just passed away…
    she was a proud Hungarian all her life, close to her traditions, passing them down to my sister and I. Singing traditional Christmas songs was one of them, Menybol az Angyal will be sung in both my sister and my family as a way to honour our heritage and Mom’s memory.
    Kivánok mindenkinek egy nagyon boldog Karácsonyt és áldásos Új Évet!

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