Korhelyleves – Hungarian Drunkard’s Soup!


Happy New Year from Hungary! Last night, Budapestis rang in 2014 all over the city. I went down to the river to watch the fireworks show. It was packed. I should have brought my umbrella with me. So many people … Continue reading

Gesztenyepüré (Chestnut Purée)


“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack frost nipping at your nose.” The man who penned those song lyrics could very well have been Hungarian. This time of year in Magyarland, noses certainly get nipped, and you’ll see lots of … Continue reading

Beigli! Mmmm!


Swirls. I’m a big fan of them. I like the swirl of park benches and chimney smoke. I’m fond of swirly signatures, too. When I doodle, I make swirlies. But my favorite swirl of all is a Hungarian one. And … Continue reading

Somlói Galuska: Hungary’s Favorite Dessert!


I have been to a local buffet here in Budapest three times, and each time I visited the dessert table, I had the same experience. They were out of Somlói Galuska! This decadent dessert with a jelly roll base is drenched … Continue reading

Rakott Krumpli: Hungarian Comfort Food!


It’s chilly in Budapest now, time for wearing layers. But it’s time for eating layers, too. Layered dishes are extremely popular in Hungary, and my absolute favorite is Rakott Krumpli (layered potatoes). Made with potatoes, sausage, bacon, and gobs of sour … Continue reading

Jókai Bableves: Soup’s On!


In Gyula Krúdy’s The Cookery Book and the Toy Shop, Sindbad says, “Since I find it impossible to eat the local fare, I carry a Hungarian cookery book about with me and satisfy my appetite by browsing through it everyday. It … Continue reading

Chicken Paprikash: That Famous Hungarian Dish!


Growing up, my mom had the same small, square, Schilling can of paprika in her spice drawer for years. She sprinkled it on potato salad and deviled eggs. That was about it. Well, in Hungary ground paprika is rarely pinched or sprinkled; … Continue reading

Pörkölt: Don’t Make When Hungry!


Today, I decided to write a post about pörkölt - the popular Hungarian favorite in the goulash family. This slow-cooked stew-like dish is perfect fall fare. I chopped up the ingredients, sautéd the onion, added the paprika, and mixed everything in a … Continue reading

Töltött Káposzta: The Coat of Arms of Hungary!


In the 19th century, Róza Széppataki, Hungary’s first opera diva, waxed lyrical about the stuffed cabbage served at a banquet given in her honor. In fact, she was so delighted by the dish that she even published the recipe in her … Continue reading

Dobos Torta: The Cake with the Secret Recipe!


When I was in kindergarten, my teacher put on a pageant for the parents, and I was part of the Angel Band. Nine of us little angels stood in a line with tinsel halos and cardboard wings covered with aluminum … Continue reading