Forralt Bor: Mmmmmm!

photo by Lennart Guillet

I thought I knew how to do Christmas: decorate some cookies, write a few cards, sing along with Bing Crosby, hold back tears when nearly all of Bedford Falls packs into Jimmy Stewart’s house at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. That is until I moved to Hungary. Hungarians take Christmastime to an entirely new level. And they have a couple of wintertime pleasures that just might keep me in Hungary forever.

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Tokaji: The Wine of Kings & King of Wines!


What do Frederick the Great, Beethoven, and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? They all loved their Tokaji Aszú. This famous, full-bodied, amber-colored dessert wine comes from Hungary’s Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, a World Heritage Site honored with the oldest classification of vineyards in the world. Tokaji Aszú is made from late-ripened grapes affected by a mold that concentrates sugars into marmalade-like sweetness. Highly esteemed, the region’s vines are even heralded in the Hungarian national anthem. Continue reading